Scandinavian World-Music

Kerstin Blodig is regarded as one of the most important interpreters of Scandinavian and Celtic world music.

As founding member of a wide variety of different projects, ranging from studio work, folk-pop and theatre music productions to the Celtic groups Talking Water and Norland Wind, her creativity covers a very wide range. She cultivates her Norwegian roots not only with Kelpie, but also in her solo performances and her new trio Huldrelokkk. Her recent solo-CD Nordisk Sjel (Westpark Music) sets even higher musical standards than her CD Trollsang and her debut album Valivann, which won the renowned German Critics Prize (May 2002) and was also released by the world-music label ALULA in North America.

Being one of the finest women guitarists in the acoustic scene today, she has recently become endorser of Gibson Guitars.

In her solo performance Kerstin will be presenting her arrangements of traditional Scandinavian and Celtic songs as well as her own material, playing her groovy plectrum guitar, bouzouki and bodhrán. She approaches especially the Norwegian folk songs in a very unusual way – combining the traditional way of singing with modern guitar arrangements.

Being a vegetarian; Kerstin just loves to perform bloody Norwegian medieval ballads of trolls and other fascinating mythological creatures, relishing particularly in telling the audience the contents of the songs in all their gory detail! Her experience in theatre productions is a further contributing aspect in an exciting and entertaining live performance.

”Her voice is a wonder, soft yet insistently riveting…”

Jim Fowley, USA

”Blodig impressed us with one of the most expressive voices I`ve ever heard.”

Glåmdalen, Norway

”She posesses the sophistication of knowing how to exploit the different sounds of her two differently-tuned guitars and the nuances of her crystal-clear, perfectly-pitched voice…she seemingly effortlessly mixes her imaginative vocals with her delicate guitar-playing.”


“ True highlights were delivered by Kerstin Blodig, who really won over the audience with her pure, crystal-clear voice. She also proved to be a very versatile instrumentalist – playing guitar, keyboards, bouzouki and percussion. This lady really knows what she’s doing.”

Free Press