Celtic Roots Mouth Music

Cristina Crawley: vocals, bodhrán, bouzouki, fiddle, whistle

Kerstin Blodig: vocals, guitar, bodhrán

Cristina Crawley and Kerstin Blodig formed the duo Touchwood in 1990.

Two breathtakingly beautiful voices combined with instrumental virtuosity.

As their talents for vocal harmony merged they began to develop their own individual style of instrumental and vocal song arrangement.

Although their musical roots clearly lie in the song tradition of Ireland, Scotland and England, they succeed in combining contemporary music with traditional influences, thereby creating an exciting blend of old and new, a blend also to be found in their own material.

Their experience in theatre productions is a further contributing aspect in an exciting and entertaining live performance. Their commanding stage presence is a platform for a tremendous range of musical dynamics – from melancholic to joyous, from bright humour to dark satire.

In 1995 they launched their CD Passion Play, distributed in Ireland by the prestigious traditional label Gael Linn. The New York-based world-music label Putumayo used a track for their compilation “Women of the World – Celtic 2”.


grew up in Northern Ireland where involvement in music is part of the cultural heritage. Her first musical performance was at the age of five. She later learned classical violin and played in the Ulster College of Music Youth Orchestra and the University College Orchestra in Dublin.

While living in Berlin she concentrated largely on singing and joined several choirs, among them the Berliner Kammerchor.

Now back in Belfast, she devotes her time to writing music and performing as well as being involved in the musical aspects of theatre production.


Internationally known as one of the most important interpreters of Scandinavian and Celtic world-music, her musicality shines through, not only as founding member of Touchwood and Norland Wind, the project Women on Stage and the duo Kelpie with Ian Melrose, but also as a solo artist. With a voice described as “clear as Norwegian fjord water” and her virtuoso, groovy guitar-playing she recently released her highly acclaimed 2nd solo album Trollsang (Westpark Music) – original compositions and intricate arrangements of traditional Norwegian songs – which sets an even higher standard than her debut album, Valivann (Westpark), which won the German critics prize in 2002 and was released in North America by the renowned world music label Alula.

“Touchwood, a world-class female duo.”

Rheinische Post/ Germany

” Both posessing strong individual voices used throughout to telling effectiveness, so much they in turn become Passion Play’s biggest attraction. That their material is equally strong adds extra satisfaction. An unqualified success.”

Rock ‘n’ Reel/ Ireland

” Despite the very intricate rhythmical structure of their song arrangements, the two women had at times a groove which was quite infernal… ”

Lindesnes, Mandal/ Norway