Blue Rhythm

“Trolls, fairies, water spirits, mountain giants, elf kings and little people – those are the main characters in Kerstin Blodig`s sung fairytales. Even though the songs are mainly traditional and medieval ballads from Scandinavia, the singer and guitarist manages, without being corny, esoteric or evoking associations of Ronja Röverdatter, to transport the listener into the world of Nordic mythology.

Blodig is a first-class guitarist, easily on a par with Michael Hedges or Don Ross, and she graces the traditional folksongs with her imaginative playing. Innovatively she slaps and taps the strings and, if it serves the song, lets her instrument groove,.

Because the arrangements of the songs are minimalistic, her virtuosity as an instrumentalist really shines. Above all this a soaring crystal-clear voice. Enchanting!”


Schwäbisches Tageblatt, Germany

“She can concentrate the gems of many years of guitar lessons into the space of a single bar – and it sounds really great!”


The Sunset Magazine

” With her voice…crystal-clear like pure water freshly flowing from a mountain source, she brings forth the various emotions with originality and passion.”


Glåmdalen, Norway

“Blodig impressed us with one of the most expressive voices I’ve ever heard.”

Jim Fowley, USA

”Her voice is a wonder, soft yet insistently riveting, as comfortable with the Gaelic glottals of Scots English as with the precise plosives and fricatives of Norwegian.”

Folkforum NL

Immediately in the first song Sumarnatta Kerstin shows her vocal abilities. She whispers with a western – Norwegian tongue, but is at the same time without doubt as dynamic as Maddy Prior in her best years. As she ‘diedeliedoes’ along (“mouth-music we call it in Norway tralala”) with the next song you’re completely in Scandinavian spheres. And of course then you can’t do without a shrill herding – call. Blodig also proves to be an excellent guitar – player. And on the 10 – string bouzouki she plays just as well and effortless the purest solo’s as a tight accompaniment.

Rana Blad, Norway

” Kerstin Blodig has a clear and beautiful voice which conveys the folksongs and psalms in a beautiful and stylisticly pure way….and Kerstin Blodig`s vocal style brings to mind performances such as those of Enya or Kirsten Bråten Berg.”


The Examiner, Canada

” The lovely Kerstin Blodig lends a lot of character to this trio`s (Norland Wind`s) sound. Her ability to switch between guitars, bodhrán and bouzouki with such ease, means that her sometimes lilting, always addictive vocal delivery is a big plus for the group.”


Free Press, Germany

” True highlights were delivered by Kerstin Blodig, who really won over the audience with her pure, crystal-clear voice. She also proved to be a very versatile instrumentalist – playing guitar, keyboards, bouzouki and percussion. This lady really knows what she’s doing.”

Rana Blad, Norway

” Kerstin Blodig… sings with a warm and relaxed voice. She lends life and intensity to the melancholy as well as the more lyrical melodies with a clear and musical understanding of her craft.”


Weser Kurier, Germany

” A very important role in “Norland Wind” is played by the multi-instrumentalist/singer Kerstin Blodig. Her outstanding voice lends a special colour to the programme. Not only that but she is also an excellent composer and arranger – one of the most interesting pieces of the whole evening was her working of The Life of a Miner.”

Jaerbladet, Norway

“… It’s very rare to experience such a balanced, soft and clear timbre. The cream on the cake was her encore – a beautiful version of the Norwegian folk song “Sven Svane”.”