Huldrelokk in the winter snow with their instruments

A pan-Scandinavian Ladies Folk Trio


Kerstin Blodig: vocals, guitar, bodhrán

Liv Vester Larsen: vocals, fiddle, percussion

Mia Gunberg Ådin: vocals, fiddle, nykkelharpa

HULDRELOKKK – the wood nymph’s beckoning call, is a brand-new all-female trio playing acoustic folk music from three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Three angelic voices coupled with two virtuoso fiddles and a groovy rhythmic guitar, they celebrated their world premiere concert to an enthusiastic Berlin audience in October 2009. There followed concerts and festival appearances in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. The Debut CD Huldrelokkk: Trolldans (Westpark Music) of this exceptional trio will be released in September 2011 in Europe, and an international release tour is scheduled for October/ November.

“Grooving folk guitar, dynamic fiddles and powerful harmony vocals in different nordic languages…one of the freshest sounds appearing on the Nordic folk horizon this spring.” Lira Magazine, Sweden 2/2011


“… a female trio which really makes you sit up and take notice …The dreamy melodies from the fiddle and Nyckelharpa (a medieval instrument rarely seen nowadays) coupled with the strong and sensitive guitar of Kerstin Blodig form the musical fundament of this band, often rounded off with beautiful three-part vocal harmonies. Solo songs and a-capella further supplemented this sublime performance, which completely enthralled the audience. Frenetic and lengthy bursts of applause between the individual pieces were proof  that even a folk music in a language which only a few people here understand – can be intensely moving and entertaining.” Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung 10/2010

”Despite the very intricate rhythmical structure of their song arrangements, the women had at times a groove which was quite infernal… ” Lindesnes, Mandal/ Norway 2010

“A Scandinavian trio of powerful women” Bohuslänningen, Sweden 2011



Kerstin Blodig ( is regarded as one of the most important interpreters of Scandinavian and Celtic folk music today. She tours all over the world – including major festivals, studio recordings, theatre productions and regular TV appearances – with a wide variety of different projects, including the groups Norland Wind and Talking Water. She cultivates her Norwegian roots in the duo Kelpie with Ian Melrose and in her solo performances. Her debut CD Valivann won the renowned German Critics Prize. After the success of  her 2nd solo album: Trollsang, a CD with medieval Norwegian Ballads, she has just released her third solo album Nordisk Sjel. Being one of the finest women guitarists on the acoustic scene today, she is official endorser of Gibson Guitars.

Liv Vester Larsen has just completed her bachelor degree in Scandinavian folk music at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense. Her tutors include some of the foremost fiddle virtuosos e.g. Harald Haugaard und Arto Järvela. The maturity of her tone and her vocal expression belie her youth: she is a member of the Danish Radio Youth Orchestra, the band Ave, the Danish Symphony Orchestra and the South Danish University Orchestra.


Mia Gunberg Ådin ( With a stage career spanning three decades she is undoubtedly one of the great tradition-bearers of the fiddle music of her homeland Bohuslän, an area of Sweden which borders on Norway. Her expressive fiddle- and Nyckelharpa playing and her beautiful traditional singing style have had a decisive influence on many of her live projects: theatre music for Musikteatern/ Skjärgardsteater in the Ådin & Gunberg duo; the Celtic band Woodbine and of course the internationally successful group Hemållt, of which she is a founding member. She nourishes her strong interest in historic traditions by listening to and recording the few remaining players of local folk music. In doing so, she herself assumes a place in their ranks, ensuring the longevity of this important cultural heritage. She has been awarded various prizes in the course of her career including e.g. the Tanums Kommuns Kulturstipendium. In 2009 she received the coveted Swedish folk music award Zornmärket and in autumn 2010 the Bohusläningens Kulturpris (with Hemållt).